Creating a successful Sustainability Plan: What is it? How do I get one?

In recent years we have seen a flurry of Sustainability Plans, such as the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, Walmart’s Sustainability 360, and PespiCo’s Performance with a Purpose, Marks and Spencers’ Plan A.  While each Sustainability Plan is unique to the company, it is clear that behind many of the high profile initiatives there is a comprehensive set of measurable targets, ambitious goals, and attention to detail. The most powerful common attribute of successful plans is that they are instantly recognizable and act as a metaphor for a company’s sustainability goals and ambitions.

Corporate Citizenship, the global corporate responsibility and sustainability consulting firm published Steps to Sustainable Success, a groundbreaking report that outlines for the first time, step-by-step, what it takes for a business to create a successful Sustainability Plan.  Based on a study of Fortune Global 500 and FTSE100 companies, the report identifies five key attributes and ten essential elements of a successful Sustainability Plan.

Corporate Citizenship shares their insights from research findings and their experience advising companies on corporate responsibility to answer the following questions:

  • What is a Sustainability Plan and how is it different from current corporate responsibility strategies?
  • What is the value in creating a Sustainability Plan?
  • What qualities are shared by the Sustainability Plans seen to date and how do they differ?
  • What does a leading Sustainability Plan look like?
  • What are the steps to creating a Sustainability Plan?

To view this publication, please click here.

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