CPV industry to lay down marker towards commercialization in November

PV Insider is pleased to announce the launch of the 3rd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit USA 2011, taking place at the San Jose Crowne Plaza on November 14-15.

The CPV industry is making headway in the renewable energy landscape, with a pipeline of around 700MW now either planned or in operation. Recent reports have estimated at least 1GW of new installations will be in place by 2015, culminating in an expected growth to 12.5GW of installed capacity by 2020. The technology continues to evolve, evidenced by the 43.5% benchmark cell efficiency established earlier this year. However, CPV is still competing in a fiercely contested space, facing rivals in both PV and CSP.

With an agenda geared towards addressing the challenges of market competitiveness, the 3rd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit USA will showcase the most significant CPV projects around the world, and provide an industry roadmap to market share. Over two days, the summit will focus on how a promising technology is turning into a commercial force, looking at critical issues identified from the industry such as investment, the utility perspective, scaling up and regulation issues.

Headlining the conference will be a series of detailed case studies of landmark installations, including the challenges faced, project expectations and biggest achievements. Companies signed up for these presentations so far include Amonix, Soitec, Isofotón, Skyline Solar, ZenithSolar, Solar Systems and Sunengy.

Organiser Matt Carr of PV Insider outlined his vision for the conference in a recent interview. “The CPV industry is now progressing down the road to full market viability as the inherent scientific advantages of the technology are being translated into commercial success,” he said. “The time has now arrived where the community should take pride in their achievements so far, and formulate a roadmap for future success. Anyone who is serious about CPV should therefore make sure they are in San Jose this November, when the crucial ‘next step’ for the industry will be discussed and taken.”

More information on the 3rd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit USA can be found at www.pv-insider.com/cpv

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