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CPV case studies to demonstrate roadmap to market success in November

PV Insider have announced nine case studies, including Soitec, SolFocus, Amonix, Skyline Solar and Cogentrix Energy, will be held at the 3rd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit USA (14-15 November, San Jose)

Following the successful release of the ‘CPV World Map 2011’, the 3rd Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit USA 2011 will take the next step and host a series of case studies dedicated to proving CPV’s progress across the globe.  With the world map as a starting point, nine case studies will be given at the conference, charting the progress of landmark CPV projects across five continents.   Industry leaders Soitec, SolFocus, Amonix, Isofotón, Skyline Solar, Cogentrix Energy, ZenithSolar, Sunengy and Solar Systems will be sharing the details of their experiences.  The presentations will highlight the challenges and successes of these projects, and prove the increased market maturity of CPV.

Understanding the utility’s perspective on CPV has always been a necessity for the technology, and representatives from Sacramento Municipal Utility District, California Public Utilities Commission and Kit Carson Electric Co-operative will be giving their views at the conference – the latter having recently agreed to purchase power from the Chevron/Soitec plant in Questa, New Mexico.

In addition to these developments, the summit’s exhibition got off the mark this week as PV Insider announced that Isuzu Glass will be participating in the event.  The company develop and manufacture light-focuses lenses utilizing state of the art glass forming technology, and will be exhibiting their CPV portfolio at the summit.  “I am delighted to welcome Isuzu Glass to our exhibition for the first time,” said James Brown, Head of Business Development at PV Insider.  “We have been seeing an unprecedented level of interest from this side of the CPV community, and will be making more announcements in the near future, and it is fantastic that Isuzu Glass are the first to join.”

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