BladeTec HVLS Fans For Better Exhaust of Hot Air In Warm Climates

Exhausting hot air in warm climates…are extractor fans the best solution? Is there a better solution? Yes, with BladeTec High Volume Low Speed Fans.

Everyone knows that warm air rises because it is lighter than cool air. In commercial buildings such as factories, warehouses, retail space and workshops, the warm air generated by machinery, workers and customers rises into the roof space. In addition, the sun can heat the air in the roof space to over 60C. In turn this superheated air heats both the structure of the building and the cooler air below. If the roof is not properly insulated, the problem is only amplified.

Many architects and engineers decide that the most effective way to remove the hot air trapped inside buildings is to install extractor fans to exhaust the superheated air from the ceiling. The simplest way to control the extractor fan is to install a thermostat in the roof space set at 40C. Once the temperature exceeds this, the fan will start, removing the hot air. In addition, since air is being exhausted out of the building, an equal amount of fresh air must also be supplied into the space using some type of air intake such as louvers, vents or dampers.

While fitting extractor fans and fresh air intake vents to remove the hot air that gathers in the roof space is one way to remove hot air trapped inside commercial buildings, it does very little to make employees and customers feel more comfortable at ground level. Is there a better solution? Yes! BladeTec High Volume Low Speed Fans!

Why is there hot air at the ceiling? Because it is trapped. By installing fresh air supply intake fans and a HVLS fans, you can better mix the air inside the space preventing the build up of hot air in the first place. At the same time, a HVLS fan will provide a breeze that effectively cools people at ground level. A BladeTec HVLS fans, which covers an area of 30 meters in all directions, provides movement of air that can decrease the perceived temperature felt by workers, customers and employees by as much as 8C in large spaces. And, the larger the fan, the larger the area of influence. Each area of influence is based on air velocity and the change in perceived temperature drops up to 8.3C.

What if you already have an extractor fan installed in your facility? In retrofit applications, a BladeTec HVLS fan can be used in conjunction with an existing fan. The extractor can be controlled to exhaust any buildup of hot air in the space during unoccupied times. When the building is occupied, simply switch off the extractor fan and allow the supply and the BladeTec HVLS fan to better circulate the air and provide a cool breeze to the people in the space. In addition, a BladeTec HVLS fans operated at very low revolutions per minute, therefore, they are extremely energy efficient.

When used in conjunction with fresh air supply fans, the BladeTec HVLS fans not only help better mix the air and lower the overall temperature in the building but also provide effective cooling for everyone in the space. A much better solution in the extreme application.

BladeTec HVLS fans are brought to you and available from Tawada CleanTech. Tawada CleanTech is your one stop solution to green building and sustainable development.

About Tawada CleanTech

Tawada CleanTech is dedicated and committed to providing clean and green technology solutions for everyone. Our main customers are diverse, including but not limited to private and multinational companies and organizations, educational and research organizations, government, traders, manufacturers and factories. Tawada CleanTech gives green a whole new meaning and depth. Tawada CleanTech wants to create not just sustainable buildings and environments, but we strive to provide and educate people to start creating healthy and financially sustainable buildings and environments.

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