Asia’s leading green design and green projects competitions are back

FuturArc Prize ( seeks forward-thinking, innovative design ideas for Asia.

The Competition offers a platform to professionals and students who are passionate about the environment. Through the force of their imagination it aspires to capture visions of a sustainable future.

The brief for the 2016 competition is Small Things, Big Impact. We rarely have the luxury of tabula rasa. Our cities and neighbourhoods, the complex flows of people and resources that support them, are mostly in place and functioning, successfully or otherwise.

Often, the meso-scale between building and infrastructure is neglected—that subtle realm between private development and urban network, that tenuous in-between world between planned and unplanned. This is our commons. It might be civic space, it might be nesting place for birds; it might be a conduit for water. It may well be all of the above. This space functions or dysfunctions informally, with no assistance or attention. And because it has no name, no custodian, it is left to waste or (worse) eliminated in endless cycles of urban renewal.

A submission should describe:

1. A Typology of Small Things. What they do depends entirely on the specific context of a particular city/neighbourhood.

2. A Network of Small Things. How many small things, strung together and strategically placed, form a network of relationships.

3. The Impact of Networks. How new networks improve liveability and resilience of the city/neighbourhood.

4. The Making of Networks. How might this network be phased? How will it be extended? Who will make it? How will it be financed? Who will look after it?

Each entry shall make a case for how the proposal, through replicability, represents a strategic idea for a sustainable Asian city. Site selection is at the entrant’s discretion and should be explained clearly in the submission. Only sites in Asia or Australia will be accepted.

Cash prizes* include:


First Place: S$15,000

Second Place: S$8,000

Third Place: S$4,000


First Place: S$5,000

Second Place: S$3,000

Third Place: S$2,000

(*Prizes subject to changes.)

The website is now open with details on prizes, jury and submission requirements: Closing date for online registration and submission: 21st December 2015.

FuturArc Green Leadership Award ( seeks innovative and ecologically responsible buildings in Asia. The competition recognises the team behind a completed project: developer, architects, consultants and contractors, who have collectively pushed the limits and definition of what a Green building is in Asia.

Entries are invited in six categories: Residential – Individual Houses, Residential – Multiple Houses, Commercial, Institutional, Interior, Socially-Inclusive Development*.

The 2016 cycle is looking for Green built projects—defined as new, restored, rehabilitated or converted—that must be completed before 21st December 2015. The project must be located within Asia or Australia.

The website is now open with details on prizes, jury and submission requirements:

Closing date for online registration and submission: 21st December 2015.

*Socially-Inclusive Development recognises projects with a strong social agenda – for instance, issues of social equity, management of community resources, design of informal settlements, creation of livelihood, etc. – and stakeholder engagement. The development itself can be of any use or programme (i.e., the other 5 categories) or a combination of the same.

FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2016 in Singapore is brought to you by Gold Sponsor - Daikin.

FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2016 in Malaysia and Philippines is brought to you by Gold Sponsor - TROX.

FuturArc Prize and FuturArc Green Leadership Award are organised by FuturArc. The Competition Registrar is BCI Asia Construction Information Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of the BCI Group of Companies.

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