Aracuba Experts: The new online platform for renewable energies

Expert know-how that transcends international borders and technologies – free registration until the end of 2015:

The main aim of the ARACUBA EXPERTS platform,, is to create a network of renewable energy experts that transcends international borders and technologies. But this new online platform is not just for experts – students and anyone interested in the topic can access the site.

The focus is on NGOs, small companies, experts, students and young people from developing countries that are interested in the field. The ARACUBA EXPERTS platform will make the newest technologies, projects and education easily accessible.

Experts can publish articles, project descriptions and a profile on ARACUBA EXPERTS, as well as find business and project partners. Up until now, it has been difficult for laypersons and up-and-coming experts to follow experts’ current projects and discussions – registering with ARACUBA EXPERTS makes this possible. Students and other young people (ARACUBA FUTURE EXPERTS) can take part in online courses and competitions to quality as experts (ARACUBA EXPERTS).

The site provides access to a constantly growing number of technology-based and market-based studies, online courses at renowned international universities, and up-to-date news.

The ARACUBA EXPERTS platform,, was created by a cooperation of the ARACUBA GmbH team with important national and international partners from the fields of media, higher education and NGOs.

Sign up now – be part of the expert platform

Are you an expert in the field of renewable energy – or would you like to be? Until the end of 2015, you can register for free on and become part of the expert platform. Registration is generally free for non-profits and young people (under 30) from developing countries.

ARACUBA GmbH – working together for more renewable energy

This innovative online platform was founded by the ARACUBA GmbH management team – Thomas Wegscheider and Michael Muellneritsch, who are both personally passionate about renewable energy. They use their comprehensive expert knowledge, their existing network and their many years of experience in their roles as business advisors. ARACUBA GmbH focusses on market and competitor analysis, and the development and management of renewable energy projects. A tailor-made team is created for each customer and each project, made up of the best internal and external experts for the job.

More information and registration:

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