Aquarius MRE System Enters Testing Phase

Fukuoka, 25th May 2012 -  Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. (EMP) today announced that lab testing of its Aquarius MRE System – a revolutionary wind & solar power solution for ships – will commence in a test facility in Osaka, Japan from early June. This is a significant move forward as it takes the project into the prototype testing and type approval phase after which sea trials can be conducted.

Testing will initially be focused on the computer control system including rigourous testing of the various safety features that have been specifically developed for the Aquarius MRE System. KEI System Co, Ltd. of Osaka, Japan, is providing the control system which will be based around its reliable & robust KEI-3240 platform.

The lab testing phase will also involve evaluating the operability of the command console and be expanded to include testing other components of the Aquarius MRE System such as the EnergySail – a revolutionary rigid sail designed by EMP that enables a number of renewable energy technologies to be incorporated into a single unit.

Greg Atkinson, Director of Development at EMP commented that:

“The confidence our development partners have shown in the Aquarius MRE System plus the interest we are seeing from the shipping industry convinced us to move ahead with our development & testing schedule. Our vision is that once again we will see ocean going ships fitted with rigid sails, but this time we will be incorporating additional renewable technologies to create a system that will provide shipping a cost effective path towards lower noxious gas emissions & lower fossil fuel consumption”.

The Aquarius MRE System is an advanced integrated system of rigid sails, solar panels & energy storage modules that will allow ships to tap into renewable energy by harnessing the power provided by the wind and sun. The array of rigid sails will be automatically positioned to best suit the prevailing weather conditions and they can be lowered and stored when not in use or during storms. The system can also be used when a ship is in harbour or at anchor.

Ships ideally suited for this cutting edge marine renewable energy (MRE) system include bulk ore carriers, oil tankers, patrol ships & fishery protections vessels. EMP has also progressed with the development of a version of the system for use on smaller ships such as passenger ferries and Unmanned Surface Vessels. (USV’s)

Land-based testing of the system is scheduled to finish in early 2013 and Eco Marine Power is currently discussing with several companies plans for installing a system onboard a ship for sea trails during the second half of 2013.

For further details about the Aquarius MRE System please see:

About Eco Marine Power

Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. is an internationally focused technology company based in Fukuoka, Japan, that develops innovative eco-friendly solar, wind, electric and hybrid marine power and propulsion solutions. The company also develops sustainable ship concepts that incorporate the latest green energy technology and is currently working on a number of design projects including the Aquarius Eco Ship, the solar-electric hybrid power vessel Tonbo and eco-solar commuter ferry Medaka.

For more information please visit: or you can follow us on Twitter @EcoMarinePower

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Aquarius MRE System & EnergySail are trademarks of Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd.

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