Aike®SDI Test Kit

Horizon Environmental Engineering, a specialised manufacturer of various water treatment products, announces the Aike SDI Test Kit.

On the basis of ASTM D4189-07 Norm, the Aike SDI Test Kit provides precise and convenient testing of silt density index value for Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. With booster pump added-on and all installed in a compact portable case, Aike portable SDI tester is good for on-site testing and laboratory application.

Advantages of Aike® SDI Test Kit –

- Safe, convenient, simple operation

- Applicable on both seawater and normal water treatment system

- Non-metallic parts are installed if seawater application is required

- Ready for on-site testing

- Good precision with pressure buffer tank

- In-field flow calibration

- Uniform water distribution and complete venting

- Easy installation and simple tools

- Lightweight and protable

- Superior product

Over the years, Horizon has developed various high quality, good performance and cost effective products, concentrating on membrane separation processes, Reverse Osmosis, pretreatment, ultra filtration to desalinate water for drinking, and process and industrial purposes. Our diverse production line can supply many key components which cover a wide range of plant type, from low pressure RO for treatment of brackish water through to high pressure seawater RO desalination.

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