Accor Asia Pacific sets new benchmarks in evironmental protection

Accor hotels in Asia Pacific have made great strides in protecting the environment and strengthening communities with the following results:

With over 630 hotels in Asia Pacific, Accor is the leading international hotel operator in Asia-Pacific and has a long-standing commitment since 1994 to promote responsible development across 17 countries. In 2012, Accor launched PLANET 21, a global sustainable development programme that defines 21 specific commitments and quantifiable goals for hotels to comply with, within seven pillars of social, environmental and community investment actions: Health, Nature, Carbon, Innovation, Local, Employment and Dialogue.

Guided by PLANET 21, Accor hotels across all brands have made progress in reducing their environmental footprint. In Asia Pacific, waste recycling is practised in 86% of Accor hotels while 93% of them ban endangered seafood products such as shark’s fin (up from 71% in 2013) and the group is progressing towards a total ban by 2015.

In terms of health, 97% of Asia Pacific hotels use eco-labelled products and 89% of hotels organize disease prevention training for employees. There has been significant progress in the area of responsible food and beverage service, with 97% of hotels offering healthy menu options (up from 87% in 2013 against a global target of 80%) and 87% promoting locally-grown produce (up from 82% against a global target of 70%).

“PLANET 21 is more than just an environmental programme – it is a clear pathway for our hotels to operate responsibly. Accor continues to demonstrate its leadership in sustainable development as we continue to expand rapidly in this region and we have set firm commitments to protect our planet, its people and their environment,” said Michael Issenberg, Chairman and CEO Accor Asia Pacific.

Individual hotels are encouraged to raise the bar higher in sustainability with employee-inspired initiatives. Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay’s green meeting package provides environmentally-friendly meeting and catering facilities, along with a reforestation contribution. Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre and Hyderabad International Convention Centre, managed by Accor India, generate little or no waste due to astute waste management policies backed by innovative technologies. Four Accor hotels at Sydney Olympic Park, Australia harness solar energy for electricity and hot water production.

In recognition of its efforts, Pacific Asia Travel Agency (PATA) awarded Accor the prestigious PATA Gold Award for Corporate Environmental Programme in 2013 and 2014, and the HRM Award for CSR Best Practices 2014 in Asia-Pacific. Accor also earned a PATA Gold Award for Education and Training for Building Futures, an Accor New Zealand initiative that provides training and employment opportunities to disadvantaged youths. Novotel Clarke Quay was among the three brands that clinched the 2014 Singapore Environmental Achievement Award.

Planet 21 Global Highlights in 2014

Water: 5.6% reduction in water consumption since 2011 (owned and managed hotels)

Accor, which serves 56 million breakfasts a year on average, embarked on a new collaborative venture with Bridor,aleader in bakery and pastry products, to reduce the environmental footprint of its baguettes and croissants. Improvements in the manufacturing process have enabled electricity and water consumption reduction by 10% and 30% consecutively in the last two years.

Energy: 4.5% reduction in energy consumption and 3.8% reduction in CO2 emissions since 2011 (owned and managed hotels)

Through the Carbon Optimizer, B2B clients can reduce the carbon footprint of their meetings and conventions. This online tool calculates the carbon footprint of a convention based on the number of participants, the length of their stay and their catering choices. The client receives the carbon assessment together with an invitation to participate in Accor’s reforestation projects.

Waste: almost 90% of all the Group’s hotels recycle their waste

Hotels in many countries, including Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, participate in the Soap For Hope operation, which provides recycled soaps to underprivileged communities. The used soaps are collected and then recycled by Diversey, Accor’s main supplier of eco-label cleaning products, which helps improve hygiene standards amongst people in need.

HotelInvest commits to greener buildings

In 2014 the Group’s asset management division strengthened its commitment to sustainable construction with building certification such as LEED, BREEAM, HQE etc. for owned hotels built as of 2015. To date, 11 buildings have been certified in five countries. In addition, almost 300 Group hotels use renewable energy sources.

Plant For The PLANET: More than 150 sites planted in 21 countries in seven years

Accor will also be submitting an unusual resolution at its Shareholders Meeting on 28 April this year: the “Tree Resolution”. The Group is hoping to bring shareholders on board to step up its Plant for the PLANET program, with a commitment to plant 10 million trees by 2021.

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