A World First in Australia- Hemp Farm offers visitors a greener side to Byron Bay

A Byron Bay industrial hemp farm is opening its doors to the public for daily eco-tours from 9th October. Family friendly, visitors to this sustainable permaculture farm may experience all the action of an eco farm without the hard work!

Industrial hemp has been legal to grow in Australia and New South Wales in particular for a few years now. Byron Bay’s first industrial hemp farm is run by local hemp expert, Director and Founder of the Hemp Farm Paul Benhaim who states “This is a normal crop in Europe, I was surprised to learn Australian’s have been missing out on all the fun of growing a crop of industrial hemp in Australia and it is about time I did something about this.”

Industrial hemp is well known for it’s use in ropes and clothes, but visitors to the Hemp Farm get a lot more. You can see the crop grow and learn about the equipment required for growing, harvesting and processing. The hemp farm is planned to be Australia’s centre of hemp food processing, with hemp seeds and hemp oil production already in place with plans for expansion early next year.

Visitors to the eco farm can see a demonstration of hemp milk, hemp ice-cream or hemp chocolate making and if you are lucky – get a taste of these healthy nutritious products that are sold widely throughout Europe and North America.

The uses of hemp are many and include plastics, food, paper, fuel and building. Visitors will get a demonstration to see how hemp foods are made. Paul Benhaim founded the hemp food industry in Europe in the late 1990s which is an industry now worth tens of millions of dollars. Hemp food is based on the hemp seed, a grain that contains 30% quality protein and is a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs). “Unlike fish oils, hemp seed will not contain heavy minerals or toxins.” states Paul Benhaim.

Visitors to the eco hemp farm may also see products made from industrial hemp in Australia’s first solely industrial hemp museum, including a 100% hemp plastics commercialized in the Byronshire, as well as original hemp plastic products developed in Europe.

The hemp farm is the location of Australia’s first hemp building workshop and you can get to see the finished building and learn about the process of ‘growing your own home’. The Hemp Museum and Demonstration Centre is in fact made from hemp, with hemp furnishings, rugs, lamp shades and curtains.

Special full day events run at the Hemp Farm – Byron Bay’s latest workshop venue include:

Natural Building With Hemp, DIY Hemp Skin Care Products, Healthy Eating Made Possible – Raw Living Food Preparation Made Easy and How To Grow Hemp For Profit.

The hemp farm is open every Sunday for 2-3 hour tours with collection from the centre of Byron Bay in this new eco tourism venue’s own Hemp Farm Van.

More information and bookings taken at www.hempfarm.com.au or 02 8003 3032

Media Kit, High Resolution Images and more at www.hempfarm.com.au/media/

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