77% of home buyers in Singapore will consider purchasing a green home

77% of home buyers in Singapore will consider purchasing a green home, research from marketing and growth strategy firm Solidiance shows.

“Green buildings are viewed as a lifestyle product” says Solidiance, a premier Asia-Pacific marketing strategy firm that undertook research on the white paper “Will it pay to build green?” with the support of the Singapore Green Building Council.

“We find that 44% of Singapore home buyers are willing to pay up to a premium of 5% for a green home, and up to 38% of home buyers feel that 5-10 years is an acceptable break even period for the green premium they are willing to pay.” Damien Duhamel, the director of Solidiance who conducted the study jointly with the Singapore Green Building Council, comments.

“The future of green building in the near term – and we are looking at the next five years – looks promising: a growing number of homeowners and commercial tenants are driving demand for green buildings, and this is evident in the progress and expansion of the Green Mark criteria.” says Lee Chuan Seng, the President of the Singapore Green Building Council.

The Singapore Green Building Council recently hosted the 2010 World Green Building International Congress. Solidiance is a leading Asia Pacific marketing consulting and innovation strategy firm, with offices located in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. The firm provides market assessment and intelligence to multinational companies.


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