4th China Solar Energy Technology and Investment Congress

Solar photovoltaic energy has gradually planted itself at the forefront of the world’s energy stage due to its fine qualities of being clean, sustainable and rich in storage. The latest reports show that the Chinese government has increased the country’s target for PV installations from 5GW to 10GW by 2015. Furthermore, their installation targets for 2020 have shot up to 50GW from 20GW.

The 4th China Solar Energy Technology and Investment Congress took place on the 8th and 9th of March at the Traders Fudu Hotel, Changzhou, China. In attendance were around 110 government officials, experts and scholars, senior executives, and professionals who gathered together to discuss the growth of the solar energy industry. “Very good presentations and excellent delegates.” Kiran Energy

Speaker Alan Rosling, the Chairman of Kiran Energy, gave a presentation on solar energy development in India. He described to the delegates how India’s energy supply is lagging in terms of economic growth, resulting in a significant power deficit. He pointed out that India is primarily dependant on coal-fired thermal power for electricity generation, which means there is a high potential for solar energy development in India. His speech was highly detailed regarding India’s National Solar Missions, State Solar Policies and Regulatory Framework of Indian solar industry.

Trina Solar Chairman and CEO Gao Jifan spoke about the initial worldwide development of the PV industry and mentioned how Trina Solar actively worked with partners in the industry during the time of a price clash across the value chain. He went on to speak about the challenges that the PV industry is facing and stressed the importance of innovation. Furthermore, he gave some examples concerning Trina Solar - the problems they are facing and how they will deal with them - provided his outlook on the regional market.

Rong Gang, Founder and General Manager of Suntrix Solar, spoke on the challenges and opportunities of Concentrated Photovoltaic solar systems in China and described the history, current position and products of Suntrix. He also introduced HCPV, the third-generation of photovoltaic technology, and explained how it works, its advantages and which companies are involved.

“Well prepared, topics have covered a wide range of the industry, well organized and good effect.” LUX Research

Day two of the event commenced with Solar Euromed Technology Leader David Itskhokine’s excellent presentation on CSP technologies worldwide. He introduced the basic principles and went on to talk about the global outlook of CSP, including a roadmap for solar technologies and complementarities between PV & CSP.

Also on the morning of day two, Federico Tabja, Trade Commissioner for ProChile Shanghai, spoke about the advantages and opportunities of Chile. He said that electricity demand is set to double every 10 years and provided an introduction to Chile’s framework for solar energy and other sources of renewable energy.

Jan Napiorkowski, Senior Risk Analyst for Munich Reinsurance HK, spoke about green tech solutions and the availability of a wide range of solutions for the renewable energy sector. He also described solar performance warranty insurance for parks and provided his view on the market trends and outlook for renewable energy financing.

Day two came to a close with a speech from the conference chairman Zhun Ma, an analyst for LUX research, who provided an overview of market size and demand. Commercial market is the foundation of the solar industry, he said, and added that Japan, China, India and the US are gaining ground on Europe. Of particular interest was his description of a solar supply tracker that shows Asian market share continuing to rise in production across the entire solar value chain.

Senior Manager of Solar & Glass for Siemens, Stefan Lais, gave a presentation on ’Plant-Wide Integrated Solutions’ for the solar industry. He spoke on high quality polysilicon production and on highly reliable factory management control solutions.

Senior Business Development Manager Uwe Beikufner, also from Siemens, spoke on ‘Solutions for Solar Machine Builders and Solar Production Lines’ and described the business opportunities generated by huge investments in renewable energy technology.

Zao Monocrystal’s Technical Support Engineer, Ivan Umrikhin, described some of the new innovations in the industry, including the AI pastes that are the key factors for rear side passivation quality of screen printed solar cells. He also provided details on new monocrystal products for conventional design cells.

“It is meaningful to hold such an event.” Canadian Solar

The panel discussion ‘Future Developments of China’s Solar Industry’ featured Dai Yuan, Meng Xiangan, Alan Rosling, Shi Dinghuan, and Gao Jifan. They discussed the effect of government policies, manufacture strategies and developers from outside China on the challenging situation in China’s solar industry.

“Very helpful to be educated about the industry.” Suntrix Solar

Noppen would like to extend a special thanks to all the excellent speakers at the event including:

  • Karlheinz Brust, Technical Director of Krempel Gmbh;
  • Kay Rehberg, Managing Director of Decker Anlagenbau GmbH;
  • Chen Xiaogao, Manager of Product of Samil Power Co. Ltd;
  • Zhang Lingjun, Vice President of Canadian Solar Inc;
  • JIA Yangang, Director of China Electric Equipment at the Nanjing Solar Research Institute; and
  • Xie Xiaotuo, President of Sky Solar New Energy Institute.

Also a special thanks to our 4th China Solar Energy Technology and Investment Congress sponsors Krempel, Decker, ASM, Banner-ever, Samil Power, Munich RE, Siemens, Wemhoener and Rehm.

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