20th EU BC&E Special Event: “Biogas goes Europe”

20th EU BC&E: Milano Convention Centre, downtown Milan City, Italy

The special event of the 20th EBC&E on “Biogas goes Europe” addresses the main challenges for further biogas development in Europe. High-level speakers from politics and policies, industry and research sectors present the latest trends in markets, policies, industrial applications and technical solutions. Key-stakeholders contribute in a panel discussion to the debate about how to boost industrial biogas developments in emerging European biogas markets.

The production and use of biogas is increasingly contributing to the sustainability of the current energy mix in many European countries. Considerable developments for the installation of agricultural biogas plants were achieved e.g. in Germany, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark. The potential for biogas production in Europe is high.

However, the European market for biogas plants is still characterised by very different developments in the European countries, ranging from very few installations up to several thousands. This mirrors that biogas production is hence highly dependent on suitable framework conditions which are set-up by national policy makers.

This special event on ‘Biogas goes Europe’ provides to-date analysis and answers for the further biogas development in Europe.

Programme Outline

Session 1: Overview on biogas developments in Europe

  • European biogas policies
  • Overview on European biogas markets
  • New market opportunities in Europe
  • Key technology trends in agricultural biogas plants?
  • Biogas in Italy: What is the current status? The future perspectives

Session 2: New industrial applications for agricultural biogas plants

  • Different European markets - different stakeholders?
  • New energy crops for Europe
  • Improvement of the feedstock efficiency
  • Large or ‘scale down’ size of biogas plants
  • Cost competitive solutions for small scale biogas plants (50-150 kWel)
  • Biogas integration in smart grids
  • Intelligent technical solutions for excess heat use
  • Biomethane as transport fuel - A car manufacturer’s perspective

Panel Discussion: Biogas goes Europe

Invited panellists from policy, industry and research sectors discuss with you about:

  • How to develop new European biogas markets?
  • Needed amendments on European legislation
  • Contribution of biogas in future energy supply

For further information:

Dominik Rutz, WIP-Renewable Energies

Maurizio Cocchi, ETA-Florence Renewable Energies

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