10th Anniversary Edition: FuturArc May-Jun 2016 Issue Out Now

Ten years can feel like a lifetime. This is especially true in the evolving world of Green.

When the FuturArc team set an editorial direction in 2006—to be the voice of Green in Asia—Green building was a newborn. Green assessment tools were spreading from one Asian capital to another.

But what constitutes deeper change? It should be said that the team never accepted Green certification as the sole basis of Green. It was a good-to-have but it was incomplete. Instead of questioning real outcomes, technologies and their efficiencies were celebrated.

From 2006 to 2008, the editorial team sifted through one certified project after another, sent by developers eager to headline their accomplishments. It was difficult to explain the reason behind declining their hermetically sealed glass boxes that others had conferred a platinum halo.

Together with a largely intuitive approach, several principles guided the magazine’s focus. Green buildings often appeal to the mind; what was needed were the ones that also spoke to the heart.

In this 10th anniversary issue, the Main Feature is dedicated to look at how FuturArc has evolved over the past decade, what the readers think about it, and what their favourite stories are.

The FuturArc Interview in this issue is with Janine Benyus who, since the 1997 release of her book on biomimicry, has evolved its practice, consulting with many leading global businesses and conducting seminars about what people can learn from nature.

The Showcase section puts the spotlight on two winning projects. One is a showroom in Vietnam with a more modern spin and the other an educational centre in Indonesia that is quaintly rustic.

This issue also features other winning projects such as an isolated village and a community toilet surrounded by vegetation in Vietnam, and a village school in China that serves children from the local minority nomadic families.

To FuturArc writers, correspondents, advisers, sponsors, partners and interviewees, a heartfelt thank you. To the readers, stick around. The next 10 years will be equally, if not more, compelling.

For all these stories and more, visit http://www.futurarc.com.

FuturArc Competitions

The winning panels for FuturArc Prize 2016 and FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2016 are now uploaded and available for viewing on the FuturArc website. Please visit the Competitions page here: http://www.futurarc.com/index.cfm/competitions/.

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