Fukuoka's sustainable urban development initiatives

Fukuoka is a transportation hub in East Asia, with aggregated transportation such as an airport, seaport, and bullet train Shinkansen. With its good access, Fukuoka becomes the centre of tourism, as well as an international convention city. Additionally, Fukuoka has supposedly more collective shopping zones than Tokyo, is rich with nature, and has the oldest history and traditions in Japan. Moreover, the Fukuoka government has also been actively promoting urban landscape and urban development whilst making the best use of its nature, and has introduced many environmental initiatives such as waste and water treatment. With this approach, not only has Fukuoka been elected as an urban city model domestically and internationally, Fukuoka also attracts people and companies.

A foreign cruise ship departing to and from Hakata Port, the number one port in Japan for international travellers

Fukuoka City’s central park located in city centre

Tenjin Chuo Park, located in the middle of city centre, and ACROS Fukuoka, a building fully covered with greenery

Seaside Momochi, where city functions such as museum and hotels balance beautifully with nature

All photos courtesy of Fukuoka City. This post originally appeared hereSoichiro Takashima is the Mayor of Fukouka City, Japan.

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