Taiwanese University buys 200 electric cars from Norway

The Taiwanese National Taipei University of Technology said Thursday that it plans to buy 200 electric cars from Norway based electric car maker, Think. The University plans to set up Taiwan’s first “hospital” for electric cars by the end of the year to serve as a professional maintenance center for electric cars.

The center will seek to train maintenance professionals and improve Taiwan’s maintenance skills regarding electric cars, said Cliff Y Y Wu, chairman of the Department of Vehicle Engineering at the Taipei University.

Mr Yao Leehter, president of the University said the imports are part of an initiative launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to evaluate if Taiwan is a suitable place for electric cars and what kind of improvements needs to be made to make it more suitable.

“The 200 electric cars will be installed with 3G monitors, which will send the driving records of the cars back to the university for analysis. This will help us gain a better understanding of whether Taiwan’s roads and weather conditions are suitable for the driving of electric cars,” said Yao.

The MOEA plans to introduce 3,000 electric cars to Taiwan over the next three years to promote the development of electric cars in the country.

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