Renault delivers first electric cars to Macau clients

Reinforcing its strategy to introduce greener travel to Macau, Renault’s local branch has delivered its first electric car “Twizy” to its city clients. This represents an addition of 10 electric-powered engine cars to Macau roads, where eco-friendly vehicles are not yet the most common users.

The general manager of Renault in Macau, Mr Wilson Mok, reminds us that the government has already implemented two charging stations where owners of electric vehicles can find power-supply. On average, it can take around 3.5 hours to recharge these batteries, which are also advertised as recyclable.

But to further develop a culture more eco-friendly and focused on environmental protection, Mr Wilson Mok stated that the government should further invest in this sector, namely by providing more recharging stations around Macau peninsula, Taipa and Coloane.

“To cope with the city’s development I think the government should support the establishment of more charging stations, as implementing an electric car system is a great benefit for the whole region,” he told the Times.

Nevertheless, his mission to spark interest in electric cars is not only centered on the government. Another strategy that Renault’s local branch is focusing on is to convince the hospitality industry of the benefits and advantages of acquiring electric cars.

“We are trying to introduce this concept to hotel management teams, helping them to become aware that environmental protection is the kind of philosophy we should adopt in a period of development; for instance, Rocks Hotel [at Fisherman’s Wharf] has been supporting us and they are also thinking of implementing an [electric car] charging system in their car park to support environmental protection measures,” Wilson Mok explained, adding that if the hotel sector becomes interested in electric cars they might also invest in charging stations.

“We need to make a bigger deal of supporting these kinds of cars circulating on Macau’s roads,” he stressed.

Renault’s local branch contributed last Friday to make “a little bit more noise” by bringing over ten “Twizy” cars, delivering them to their brand new owners, in an event taking place at the Fishermen’s Wharf.

“Twizy” has a fuel economy of 100km/h and a maximum speed of 80km/h and is advertised as having zero emissions, built from fiber materials that are waterproofed.

“No matter what… this is an electric car, so it means no gas and zero emissions. The noise level is also very low. That’s why it benefits the whole of the city of Macau, as it’s an environmental product,” he pointed out.

Recognising that such a concept is, however, still at a very early stage in Macau, Wilson Mok believes this is actually a perfect city to further spark interest in electric cars. “Macau is very small (…) in Hong Kong they have over 1,000 charging stations but still there’s always the issue of [chargers] autonomy as Hong Kong is so big.”

For now, the company’s strategy will focus mainly on the hospitality industry, hoping to garner more clients in this sector.

The company has introduced other types of electric-powered engine cars to Macau from its range since last March. According to Renault, more than ten eco-cars are currently being used in Macau

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