Over 50,000 jobs created by renewable energy sector in last three years

The new and renewable energy sector is estimated to have created over 50,000 direct jobs in the last three years. The job creation has taken place in off-grid and other applications of the sector, according to information made available by the ministry of new and renewable energy.

It is estimated that employment for nearly 40 people is generated during erection and commissioning of a 1-2 mega watt photovoltaic project. This number increases by approximately 15 for every additional 1 mega watt capacity. In the case of solar thermal projects, it is estimated that up to 500 personnel are employed in a 20 mega watt capacity power project. In last three years, 419.21 MUs of solar energy has been generated.

Endowed with a vast solar energy potential, about 5,000 trillion kWh per year of solar energy is incident over India’s land area, with nearly all of India receiving an average 5-7kWh/m2/day.

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