Asia concerned over future energy needs

India, Thailand and the Philippines rank the highest of nine Asian countries that are “very worried” about future energy needs in the midst of increasing demand for energy, food and water due to growing populations, a survey shows.

The “Future Energy” survey initiated by Shell shows that 80 per cent of respondents consider energy needs just as worrying as the basic cost of living.

“We are glad to see that Asian people consider future energy needs a main priority, especially because this region will become one of centers of fastest population growth and energy demand,” Shell global business development vice president Jeremy Bentham said in media a release made available to The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

The survey covered 8,446 respondents in 31 cities and nine regions in Asia.

In 2030, the world will need 40 to 50 per cent more energy, water and food in line with increases in demand and population growth.

Most respondents believe that energy shortages and skyrocketing energy prices will significantly affect their countries.

Issues considered most relevant are a shortage of energy in Thailand (91 per cent) and South Korea (70 per cent), energy prices that continue to increase in India (91 per cent) and Singapore (79 per cent), water shortages in Vietnam (89 per cent) and food shortages in Indonesia (86 per cent).

The survey indicates that Asia recognizes the need for many different energy sources in the future, with solar and natural gas ranking the highest of alternative energy sources.

The survey reveals that solar power is considered an important energy source of the future in most Asian countries, such as Singapore (86 per cent), Thailand (83 per cent) and India (77 per cent).

“Natural gas is a future energy source mostly expected in Brunei [87 per cent] and second future energy source mostly chosen in Singapore [52 per cent], Indonesia [43 per cent] and India [43 per cent],” the survey says.

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