The 7th China & Asia Textile Forum

On September 17, 2018, US President Trump announced a tariff on 200 billion US dollars of goods from China (200 billion list). The effective date of the list is September 24, 2018, and by the end of 2018, the tax rate is 10 per cent.

The list also contains a large number of textile industry goods, which will have a huge impact on China‘s US-based export market, and also poses a huge challenge to the global textile and apparel supply chain.

Then, what impact will the China-US trade war have on Chinese textile and textile enterprises, as well as international textile and apparel buyers?

How will textile enterprises respond to the new trade environment and how to reshape the international industrial chain to deal with trade risks? All these questions will be discussed in this forum.

Under the ever-changing global trade environment, the development of the textile industry in various regions of Southeast Asia is still receiving widespread attention from the industry. Due to the impact of the China-US trade war, it will certainly benefit the SEA countries, such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and India, so how they will meet the new international trade environment, and provide new preferential policies for buyers and manufacturers.

It will also be a highlight of this summit. In addition, the latest interpretation of the textile market in Southeast Asia, such as the impact of the EU-Vietnam trade agreement on the Vietnam textile and apparel industry, will also be talked.

This summit will focus on the changes in the global textile and apparel industry, the latest developments in China’s textile and apparel industry, procurement trends and shifts in China and Asia, and the challenges and reshaping of the supply chain under the China-US trade friction environment, the environmental health and sustainable development of the global textile and garment industry, as well as the digital transformation and development of the textile and garment industry and practical cases.

This event will provide the industry’s latest and most valuable information and will also be a great communication platform for each attendee to better understand and make quick respond to the ever-changing industry challenges to achieve a better development.

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Jo Yilu
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