Sustainability in the Built Environment

‘Sustainability in the Built Environment’ is the first of 5 modules of the Sustainable Urbanisation International Leadership Programme, which offers a series of 5-day modules at top-level universities; TU Delft, University of Oxford, Peking University, INSEAD, and Copenhagen Business School. Learn more about the programme and the other modules at

Sustainability in the built environment is largely determined by the use of energy, water, materials and top soil (for food production). The irreversible consumption of resources as well as the effects of their transformation – combustion, contamination, depletion, etc. – on health, biodiversity and climate are both economic and ecological strains on our society.

The participant at this first module of the Sustainable Urbanisation International Leadership Programme gets a crash course on the integration of sustainable climate & resource concepts in architectural (re-)design and urban planning, at a university with an excellent international reputation in these fields, following three targets: familiarize, learn and apply.

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