Solving the Waste Issue in Asia - Play, Party & Learn!

Gone Adventurin is proud to be the Knowledge Partner of Kampong - events series that mix electronic music and educational activities focusing on sustainable topics.

8 million tonnes of plastic fall into the oceans each year. It represents one garbage truck every minute.
Based on these critical facts, our 3rd event - The Recycled Party - BYOB by Kampong - will be focusing on the importance of recycling & thinking circular.

********** LIMITED TO 30 TICKETS **********

(A) Documentary Screening - ‘Finding Solutions to Waste in Asia’
(B) Talk with Laura Allen - Waste is one of the biggest environmental and social issues of all times. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. 8 of the world’s top 10 countries which mismanage their plastic waste into the oceans are in Asia. Come and learn with our Gone Adventurin co-founder more about the waste reality & what we can do as individuals / employees / entrepreneurs to figth against and what are the business opportunities out of it.
(C) Art Installation by KA’a ( - our artist will present a unique and interactive art installation made out of upcycled raw materials found on the Coasts of Singapore.

💚 Cherry on the top, with your ticket, you will be able to stay party with us for FREE until the end of the Kampong PARTY! 💚

We are a social enterprise based in Singapore that currently helps consumer goods companies to implement circular economy strategies around recycling ‘turning garbage into gold’ across Southeast Asia, India and Japan.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Paula Miquelis
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