Reconnect with Art and Nature | The Nature Conservancy in QingShan

Enjoy 2019’s beautiful spring with an eco-weekend at The Nature Conservancy’s Longwu Reservoir!

Longwu Reservoir is one of the 20,000 drinking water sources in Zhejiang Province, it supplies drinking water to over 2,000 people. However, 70 per cent of the water sources in the province are polluted including this one.

The source of this pollution is agricultural pollution; excessive usage of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. The shortage of funds and the lack of effective management has exacerbated these problems.

TNC’s Partners with Alibaba

TNC partnered with Alibaba’s Jack Ma to work on a Water Fund conservancy project in China. They were looking for a location that would be not too far from big coastal cities as to remain accessible, but still remote enough to benefit from the natural environment.

Longwu Reservoir close to Qingshan Village in Zhejiang Province, at 1-3 hours away from Hangzhou and Shanghai, seemed like a perfect location.

Water Fund Conservancy project

In 2015, the Water Fund conservancy project gave TNC the property and management rights of the farmland in the area. They began using manual weeding to replant greenery around the reservoir and worked with the farmers to stop pesticide use.

To make sure that farmers kept their income despite the reduced crops, TNC partnered with Yuhang to establish a Design library that would incorporate traditional crafts in modern architecture. Villagers were welcomed to participate in several product (re)design projects that would, later on, be sold commercially, proceeds of which would go to the villagers.

The Rong Design Material Library is a Pioneer in China, Chinese Traditional Material Collection. Showcasing a unique collection of traditional Chinese handicrafts materials and traditional steel production processes. (Wechat: DesignLibrary_PINWU )

Join us this April for an earthy and rejuvenating weekend at The Nature Conservancy at Qing Shan!

Event Itinerary

Friday, April 19th

  • 19:00 Depart from JiaoTong University, Xuhui to QingShan Village

Saturday, April 20th

  • Introduction to the TNC project
  • Tour the Rong Design Materials Library
  • Visit the of the rammed earth school project (Alibaba Public Nature Education Base)
  • Hike up Local Luniao Mountain (5 hours)
  • GI special evening event at Rong Design Materials Library
  • **Delicious local vegetarian meals will be provided!

Sunday, April 21st

  • Ancient Bamboo Craft Workshop
  • Visit the TNC Water Conservation Area
  • Tour the Art Gallery Tree House
  • 14:00 Depart from QingShan Village to JiaoTong University, Xuhui
  • **Delicious local vegetarian breakfast and lunch will be provided!

Ticket Prices

Register now for early bird prices: Yoopay

Early Bird: 1200 rmb

Regular Registration: 1500 rmb

Scan QR Code!


Participants will be staying in traditional houses of local villagers. (2 people / room) Please write to us for housing arrangements! 

Transportation (Private Bus)

  • Friday - 19:00 Departure from JiaoTong University, Xui Hui to QingShan Village
  • Sunday - 14:00 Departure from QingShan Village to JiaoTong University, XuiHui

Please contact for inquiries!

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Green Initiatives
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