Pumps & Valves Asia 2013

South East Asia’s specialized pumps, valves, pipes & fittings exhibition. A showcase for both new and existing programs & technology. A highly effective venue to introduce the latest products in this booming area. Runs in conjunction with Boilex Asia.

Exhibitors include manufacturers of Liquid & Chemical Pumps, Fire & Sewage Pumps, Sludge, Vacuum and Water pumps along with a wide variety of Fluid Metering Equipment.  A full range of Valves and Pipes plus a complete display of relevant Fitting Hardware that includes everything from Expansion Joints to Pressure Regulators will be on display. An ideal place to talk shop, meet new customers and do business at a highly specialized event.

ENVIRONMENTAL OPPORTUNITIES… In one of the world’s fastest growing regions!
With much of the developed world facing economic uncertainty, the ASEAN region now stands out as one of the few major growth areas on the planet.

Rising living standards are creating a steadily growing middle class, evidence of which can be seen in many areas of manufacturing.

However, developing countries are also faced with the other side of the coin – pollution, waste, and rising energy costs. Nevertheless, this presents golden opportunities for businesses involved with such areas.

Because of this development the need for essential industrial technology such as boilers, burners, heaters, pressure valves and a broad array of safety equipment, has increased substantially. This technology is the backbone of much of the equipment supporting new environmental energy systems today.

Pumps & Valves - Market Is Booming
In 2011 Asia will account for 43% of the world’s pump market – almost US $15 billion. And the global market for industrial pumps will be worth close to $35 billion. 43% of industrial pumps sold this year will be installed in Asia with municipal waste-water plants accounting for 23% of total purchases and municipal drinking water systems registering 16%. (Source: Latest forecast from McIlvaine Co’s Pumps World Market)

Industrial Valves - Opportunities Rising
The world market for industrial valves will grow from $44 billion to $52 billion in 2015 with the strongest growth in power and wastewater for East Asia. The West Asian market will grow by 50% and Asia will be the dominant market for valves used in semiconductor and flat panel displays. (Source: McIlvaine Industrial Valves: World Markets)

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Ms. Jidakarn J.
[javascript protected email address]

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