Plasticity Forum Shanghai

Plasticity Forum Shanghai

The Plasticity Forum is all about the future of plastic, and where the leaders are going with design, innovation, materials, recycling and solutions, for a world without the waste footprint. Come learn from global experts on how plastic can be a key driver within a circular economy, how we scale solutions to do so, and what the opportunities are for your industry.

As usual, this unique forum brings together experts across the plastic spectrum, in collaborative fashion which does not usually occur in our daily operations. Learn what is happening in this space, and how to expand on what is already in the market, while reducing the “logjams” along the way. Some of the speeches are in a TED-type format, along with panels and thought provoking discussions from professionals working on all types of innovation, for a world where plastic is valued for its material benefits.

Speakers and attendees include those working with plastic design, innovation, materials, brands, supply chains, procurement, and process solutions for the optimization and circulation of resources. Mr. Kim Siu, General Manager - Marketing of A.S. Watsons, will be presenting to share the change that Watsons Water made in Hong Kong to start using 100% recycled PET for its bottles, creating demand for over 75,000,000 bottles/year. Dr. Mike Biddle, winner of the 2012 Gothenburg Sustainability Prize, Economist Innovation Award and World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer will also be a keynote speaker of the event. Mr. Larry Black, Senior Advisor to McDonough Innovation, works with governments, urban planners, major corporations and thought-leaders globally to solve waste, recycling, packaging and curricular economy challenges, and will be speaking about“Packaging Realities and the Circular Economy.”

You will be able to be part of the 1/2-day workshop, “Products and Packaging - Designing Sustainably” on the 28th, with our partners Successful Design, CBi China Bridge, and Green Initiatives. We will also be organizing a tour of one of the world’s largest plastic trade shows, Chinaplas, on April 26th, for those who do not normally attend these types of industry exhibitions.

The event brings an incredible opportunity for networking across business sectors, in a country that continues to grow, innovate, and be a critical part of the world economy.

Plasticity 2016 delivers an innovation-packed agenda, addressing key issues such as:

  • Opportunities in manufacturing for the use of recycled content
  • Innovations that reduce plastic waste impact and improve brand value
  • Reverse supply chain, bring-back programs and how to engage your customers
  • Creating scale for circular economies within industrial and municipal environments
  • Transforming waste streams into profit streams
  • Examples of solutions that have scaled, and how to speed up others
  • The recycling tipping point – transforming public beliefs and actions

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