Plastic On Our Plates

This is the 2nd Event of a pressing series on ‘Circular Economy & Waste Management’ in Asia.

During our 1st session “Waste to Wealth : the Circular Economy Advantage”, we touched upon the waste reality in Asia, what is the Circular Economy and how it can be a solution for plastic packaging and other ‘waste’, and what companies, governments and individuals can do to impact these important issues. We had a wonderful turnout of 90+ attendees and invigorating discussions. See HERE to see slides from the event.

Our 2nd session “Plastics On Our Plates” is dedicated to one of our most pressing issues: the 8 million tonnes of plastic leaking into the oceans every year. We will be screening ‘A PLASTIC OCEAN’, an award winning documentary film, followed by a Q&A panel discussion featuring business leaders, ground-up movement initiatives, social entrepreneurs and creatives.


Over 32% of all plastic packaging produced ends up in the oceans or open dump sites. Recent research showed that there are already more than 5 trillion pieces of plastics in the world’s oceans, most of them are microplastics. If we continue with “business as usual” we will have more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050.

10-12% of the global population relies on fisheries & aquaculture for their livelihood. Meanwhile, over 1 billion people rely on seafood as their primary protein source - a number that is growing. Thus, demand for seafood is increasing while its safety and reliability is at risk.

Plastic is certainly not evil (it’s critical for medical advancements & many other areas of our life), but it can definitely be better managed - e.g. through Circular Economy thinking and systems. This is the purpose of the event series: to understand the issue, see what different players can do (companies, governments, individuals) and see how we can collaborate.

We look forward to invigorating discussions on how we can stem the tide of plastic entering the oceans!


  • Understand how plastic is leaking into the oceans and what we can do as individuals, companies and governments
  • See Initiatives / Solutions from ground-up organisations, corporations and social enterprises to tackle the issue (stopping plastic from entering the oceans)
  • Understand case studies of how companies are also collecting plastic from the oceans to use in products - including Consumer Goods & Fashion brands
  • Network with likeminded people from diverse backgrounds and discover collaborations (business, government, media, scientists, NGOs, social businesses)


6.30pm ~ Networking, Dinner & Drinks
6.45pm ~ Icebreaker & Prizes
6.55pm ~ Screening of #APlasticOcean Documentary
8.40pm ~ Q&A Discussion
9.30pm ~ Networking & the End



Laura Allen is the COO & Co-Founder of Gone Adventurin. Started in 2011, Gone Adventurin is a B Corporation certified Business based in Singapore and driving Circular Economy & Waste Management in Asia. She is a specialist in Asia’s social and environmental challenges - including water scarcity & waste. She has developed sustainability projects for some of the world’s largest brands including Unilever, P&G and Danone. She has been driving Waste Management & Circular Economy projects with leading consumer brands across South-East Asia and India.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Paula Miquelis
[javascript protected email address]

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