Making every day Repair Day (with World Economic Forum, iFixit, TCO)

Making every day Repair Day (with World Economic Forum, iFixit, TCO)

ICT products like computers, smartphones, etc are fundamental tools adding efficiency to our lives amongst other advantages. At the same time, NGO’s have highlighted challenges covering environmental, human and labour rights, and effective eWaste management for the Electronics industry.

Together with eWaste Day and World Repair Day 2021, along with efforts of WEEE Forum, Open Repair, and many others; during this webinar, we’ll get a glimpse into the developments from the perspective of Policy measures such as EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan, Sustainable Products Initiative, Green public Procurement (GPP) criteria, etc. AND Industry initiatives to harmonise and fast track progress towards circular and fair ICT, with focus on Repairability


a) Research/Policy/Strategy

b) Hotspots to be tackled

c) Repair made possible

d) Repairability within your purchasing decisions

e) Standards to assess & safeguard

f) Q&A

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