“Food Waste - The Low Hanging Fruit” - Get Wasted session 4

This is the 4th event of a pressing series on ‘Circular Economy & Waste Management’ in Asia.

Through talks, a documentary screening and invigorating panel discussions featuring Corporates and Social Entrepreneurs, this will be the 4th event of a pressing series on ‘Circular Economy & Waste Management’ in Asia focusing on FOOD WASTE.

Check out our previous three sessions: “Waste to Wealth:The Circular Economy Advantage”, “Plastics on Our Plates” and “The Dark Side of the Digital Age: E-Waste”.


Globally, about 1/3 of the total amount of food produced in the world never reaches our plates - that’s equivalent to $1 trillion dollars! Meanwhile, just a quarter of this is enough to feed 780 million hungry people.

Worst still, if food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, with an economic cost of up to US$680 billion.

This session aims to shed light on the current food waste situation, especially in Asia and throughout the food value chain, to look at innovative business solutions, to both reduce food waste & to ensure that unavoidable food waste goes to something useful - i.e. compost to grow our next harvest of nutritious food.

We look forward to stimulating discussions on how to reduce food waste and to turn it into an opportunity for business!


  • Food Waste reality in Asia & in Singapore; and throughout the food value chain (farms, transportation, supermarkets, households)
  • Understand case studies & innovations happening in SG and the world - ie. Folo Farms, Food Bank SG, Winnow Solutions, Yume/Spoiler Alert, Olio, etc.
  • How Food Waste is a business opportunity - and how food waste management social businesses can save $1 trillion dollars & bring millions out of hunger
  • Understand what we can do as companies and individuals


  • 6.30pm ~ Introduction + Icebreaker
  • 6.45pm ~ Screening - ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Food Waste”
  • 7.10pm ~ Laura Allen, COO and Co-founder of Gone Adventurin
  • 7.25pm ~ Nicholas Ng, Co-founder of Food Bank Singapore
  • 7.40pm ~ Will Chua, Co-founder of Folo Farms
  • 7.55pm ~ Q&A; session and Panel Discussion
  • 8.15pm ~ Networking


Nicholas Ng is the Co-Founder of The Food Bank Singapore, which aims to be the prevailing centralised coordinating organisation for all food donations in Singapore. He is also the Managing Director of FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd where he is responsible for logistics, operations and procurement. Nicholas holds a degree in Mass Communications and Economics from Simon Fraser University (Canada).

Will Chua is the Co-founder of Folo Farms.

Will is currently a co-founder of FOLO Farm. After spending the first 7 years of his career as a civil engineer and family business sidekick in Malaysia’s gruelling construction industry, he decided to pursue further studies in Public Policy and International Affairs. Joining Singapore’s public service, he headed a dynamic all-women team managing the country’s International Organisations portfolio at the Economic Development Board. With the support of his amazing ex-boss, he foolishly embarked on a year in search of meaning, somehow ending up on the grounds of Plum Village. These days, he is thankful that he can just grow food with his loved ones for his loved ones at Folo Farm, where 3 tonnes of food waste is turned into compost and used to feed over 100 families today.

Laura Allen is the COO and Co-Founder at Gone Adventurin. Laura is passionate about circular economy, waste management (and changing this to be all about materials), and the future of food. She is also a specialist in Asia’s social and environmental challenges - including water scarcity and waste. In 2015 she co-founded an award winning community farm in Singapore with 40 over members. Laura has spoken at various conferences, such as TEDxPSBAcademy, UNFRAMED and SIIA about Food Waste and Waste Management in Asia. In her spare time, Laura loves being outdoors, doing sports and going on adventures. She also has a keen interest in mindfulness, mental health and raising awareness about depression.

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