Exhibition Highlights:

2013 AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai Int’l Wastewater Treatment Show will create the most efficient trading platform for companies through independent area of 25,000㎡ totaling 70,000㎡ vshow space, 1,300 exhibitors and more than 43,000 professional visitors. AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai Int’l Wastewater Treatment Show is no doubt the best wastewater treatment show in China.

●   Professional Team, Top Quality International Wastewater Show

Since 2012, the organizer Shanghai CHC Exhibition Co., Ltd has set up a professional team to take overall responsibility for Shanghai Int’l Wastewater Treatment Show. The team members are all from AQUATECH CHINA project team. They not only have rich experience on operating international leading exhibition, a huge database of 300,000 domestic and overseas buyers, but also enable the further subdivision of terminal user industry in order to ensure the exhibition results more comprehensive, professional and effective.

●   Trade Shows, Powerful Alliances

2013 AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai Int’l Wastewater Treatment Show will be held concurrently with FlowEx China, a top quality international exhibition for pump, valve and pipe, and AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai Int’l Membrane & Water Treatment Show. Those shows combining together will attract a large number of high quality terminal buyers who are interested in water treatment equipments and solutions and then show doubling effects for you to create more business opportunities.

●   Tapping into Terminal Industrial Buyers

The organizer will tap into key target professional visitors on the basis of the subdivision of original end user industries and will ensure the attendance of purchasing decision makers. Besides that, the organizer will invite the company employees involved in environmental assessment, security, production technology, equipment maintenance and other position related to decision-making to attend the exhibition as well. Targeted professional visitors in different industries from different departments of the companies will also be invited accordingly. For example:

Personnel from departments related to heavy metal wastewater in iron and steel industry, metallurgy industry and electroplating industry

Personnel from water treatment related departments like organic pollutants, suspended solids, chroma and alkaline in printing and dyeing industry and paper industry

Personnel from departments like physicochemical, biochemical and deep treatment in petroleum industry, chemical industry and coal industry

Personnel from the departments like pretreatment, biochemical, sedimentation, filtration, drainage in pharmaceutical industry

Powerful Call Center:Large-scale call center and 300,000 database of high quality domestic and overseas buyers will ensure the quantity and quality of professional visitors. Overseas buyers sector had been set up specifically to keep inviting buyers from more than 68 countries and regions to meet the exhibitors’ export demands for sure. Full coverage of buyers invitation:EDM, DM, mobile phone, SMS, fax, telephone solicitation will all be used to choose and invite target buyers from a large number of end user and channel sales database in order to guarantee the high present rate of the target buyers.

Pragmatic and Efficient Plan for Organizing Buyers

l   More than 3000 municipal engineering companies, sewage treatment plant, heavy industrial polluting enterprises will be invited to visit

l   Will get strong support and promotion from 28 domestic and overseas water industry associations

l   More than 60 national Industrial Park of user area will organize visitor groups

l   More than 106 national industrial associations of user area will organize visitor groups

l   Will use over 300,000 database to mass invitations, fax, email and telephone solicitation

l   Will invite 10,000 VIP buyers through call center

l   Will add 1,000 core decision makers into VIP Buyers Program to ensure the presence of high quality buyers

l   Will do business match between 10,000 pre-registered visitors, VIP buyers and exhibitors to increase purchasing rate

l   Will attract nearly 5,000 high level professional attendants through 70 high quality seminars

l   Will conduct intensive advertising through 206 professional and mass media all over the world

Strong Media Publicity, Professional Visitors Only

The organizer will not only do strong promotion on 102 professional media and continuously propagate on 24 overseas media, but also conduct intensive publicity on 57 major mass media before the exhibition. The associated media are over 200.

Strong media campaign will fully guarantee the quality and quantity of the visitors and after 5 years’ efforts and accumulation, 2013 AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai Int’l Wastewater Treatment Show will be the vane of wastewater treatment industry and the must see exhibition for plenty of professional buyers. The amount of professional visitors will be expected to break 43,000.

Major Media Partners:《Water & Wastewater Engineering》、《China Water & Wastewater》、《Industry Water Treatment》、《Technology of Water Treatment》、《Water-Industry Market》、《Industrial Water & Wastewater》、《Asia Environmental Protection》、《Process》、《Water21》、《World Pump》、《Valve User》、C-Water、PABLO(WWA)、Made in China、Goootech Water、、HC360 Water、China Water Automation Net and etc.

Terminal Industry Media Partners:《Environmental Protection of Chemical Industry》、《World Iron & Steel》、《Metallurgical Power》、《China Pulp & Paper》、《Nonferrous Metals》、《Electroplating & Finishing》、、CHEMYES and etc.

Fully Supported by AssociationsEnd Users Group Gather On-Site

The organizer will work closely with nationwide associations related to environmental protection and wastewater treatment to organize high quality buyer groups for 2013 AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai Int’l Wastewater Treatment Show. There are many associations decided to organize visitor groups and collaborate with the organizer to hold high quality conferences together and make sure the quality of the participants is high.

Besides the core decision makers from wastewater treatment plants, design institutes and engineering companies, the organizer will also invite the industrial end users from petrochemical, chemical, steel, power, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, paper making, printing and dyeing and electroplating as professional visitors. At the meantime, the organizer will unite local industrial associations in each city to organize buyer groups, so that many terminal industrial users will present at the exhibition site such as SINOPEC Engineering Incorporation (SEI), China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., TORAY Sakai Weaving and Dyeing (NANTONG) Co., Ltd. (TSD), Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Cheng Tou Waste Water Treatment Co., Ltd.  Looking forward to participating plenty of high quality procurement and trade fairs organized by the organizer.

Top Forums, Top Experts

To keep AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai Int’l Wastewater Treatment Show’s leading position as the vane of the whole industry, the organizer will elaborately plan many professional forums. Leading experts will be invited to analyze prospects and trends of the industry. You will get one-stop cutting-edge industrial information and make better decision on business development.

The following conferences and topics have been confirmed: Integrated Aqua Solutions 2013 (IAS), Municipal Summit Seminar, Wastewater Treatment, Pump and Valve, and Sludge Treatment. More forums and conferences will be launched.

On-site Function Area to Increase Closing Rate

The organizer will reasonably use the space layout of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center to display multiple on-site function areas which is efficient, convenient and innovative to exhibitors and visitors. The organizer will provide various value-added services for pre-show business matching. Buyers’ joint-inviting, online searching, pre-show appointments and on-site business arrangement will make your participation more efficient and profitable.

Visitors Profile

  1. 1. Government departments; Water supply plant; Water treatment engineering company; Sewage; Treatment Plant
  1. 2. Agents and distributors (Kitchen and toilet / the ice wash / solar industry); Merchant; Consulting firm; Research and design institutions
  1. 3. Industrial users:

In Iron and steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, power, paper, textile, printing and dyeing, brewing industry, light industry, pharmaceuticals, machinery, coal, food and beverage, electronics, electrical, plastics, construction and other fields

Exhibits Profile

  1. 1. Transport & Storage

Pumps / Pipes / Valves / Distribution / Sewerage / Tanks & Silo’s

  1. 2. Point of Use

Water coolers and dispensers / POU filters / Bottled water

  1. 3. Research and Consultancy

Consultancy and design offices / Branch organizations / Certification/testing services / Education / Research / Counseling

  1. 4. Water Utilities and Country Pavilions

Wholesalers / Purification installations / Water provision and water management

  1. 5. Water Treatment

UV / Separators / Reverse osmosis / Activated carbon / Membrane filtration / Filters / Chemical water treatment / Biological water treatment / Drainage equipment / Desalination equipments / Sludge separation / Presses/centrifuges

  1. 6. Process control technology & process automation

Automation / Process control equipment / Dosing equipment / Data logging / Detectors / Management/control models / Computer simulations

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Lucia Zhang
[javascript protected email address]

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