2030 Movement: EcoTech - How to save the world by 2030

About this Event:

Presented in partnership with Solar Analytics, this event is part of The 2030 Movement, a free week-long festival of learning. Head to The2030Movement.com to see the full schedule.

The influx of life-changing technologies has and is transforming the world as we know it by the seconds. Whether it’s the latest developments in artificial intelligence or quantum computing, we’re constantly reminded the vital role technology plays in making society richer, smarter, and more efficient. However, one aspect that often goes under the radar escapes a mention here is the impact tech is having on the environment, and how - if at all - it can prevent any further damage to the planet.

While many innovations cite being environmentally friendly as a bonus perk, few innovations, whether financed by big corporates or academic institutions, are driven truly driven by this cause. Fortunately, to counter this, an increasing raft of startup tech firms are looking into solving some of the biggest environment issues of our generation: global warming, sustainability and the negative effect modern lifestyle is creating.

Join our panel discussion as we talk to the eco-friendly start-ups putting sustainability at the centre of their mission statement and leading the green wave. We’ll explore why they do what they do, how their innovations are changing the world and making it more sustainable as we speak and what challenges and opportunities the ecotech industry is and will be facing.


Ben Hutt

CEO and Managing Director, Evergen

Martin Egan

Product Director, Solar Analytics

Jayantika Soni

CTO, Resync Technologies

Daniel Friedman (Moderator)

Co-Founder & CIO, Upowr

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

General Assembly Singapore
[javascript protected email address]

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