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The worsening condition of the Parlung No. 4 glacier is causing concern over water supply, flood risk and the viability of hydropower, a key part of both countries’ plans to become carbon neutral.
S–Ray ESG ratings (ASIA)
Weekly Top 5 Movers
2707 Formosa International Hotels Corporation 78.18%
6724 Seiko Epson Corp. 36.97%
8219 AOYAMA TRADING Co., Ltd. 29.76%
STGT Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd. 23.10%
532210 City Union Bank Limited 19.09%
Weekly Flop 5 Movers
LUCK Lucky Cement Ltd. -31.89%
HBL Habib Bank Limited -20.14%
SECO Secoo Holding Limited Sponsored ADR Class A -18.43%
532754 GMR Airports Infrastructure Limited -13.75%
UBL Harbour-Link Group Bhd. -13.50%
Source: ESG Book
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Indonesian officials have sought to neuter an apparent bid to auction off private tourism enclaves to foreign investors in a marine reserve in the country’s east.


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We are out of harmony with nature. In fact, we are playing an entirely different song. Around the world, for hundreds of years, we have conducted a cacophony of chaos, played with instruments of destruction. Deforestation and desertification are creating wastelands of once-thriving ecosystems.


Stag beetle_insects_endangered
Concrete plans and financing will be needed. The COP27 and COP15 summits can also be combined, writes former Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos. Climate change and biodiversity loss must be addressed in tandem.

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Food podcast planet-based diets
Nobody likes being told what to eat, but changing diets could make or break climate action. The Eco-Business Podcast explores how best to convince people to choose food good for people and planet.

Special Reports

Asia’s sustainable economy – set to reach US$5 trillion by 2030 – is a wealth of opportunity. But that value requires assurance by governments and financial markets that sustainability is more than a label. Taxonomies provide clarity.
Pandawa Agri_organic farming
Going 100 per cent organic is not easy for smallholder farmers in the region. Is there a middle road to take where a gradual shift can be managed, while ensuring that the livelihoods of farmers are taken care of?
child waste pickers in Angono
[Special report] With the government eyeing to build 300 new landfills by the year's end, over-dependence can create negative impact for communities living in the vicinity, including children who salvage what they can from trash piles.
Margilyn Cosmiano- fish seller
More men than women have bank accounts in the Philippines. But a growing trend of females running small businesses in Surigao del Sur in Mindanao show that this gap could narrow.

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Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd., Denka Company Limited, Iwatani Corporation, JFE Steel Corporation, JNC Corporation, KH Neochem Co., Ltd., Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd., UBE Elastomer Co. Ltd., Ube Material Industries, Ltd., …