Here's a tree that can power your mobile phone

Finnish research firm VTT reveals one of its latest inventions - an energy-harvesting tree with leaves made of organic solar panels which can be "infinitely replicated" to become a forest of electricity source. Watch the video here.

Screen image and video: VTT

We all know trees are a source of life - but how about a source of endless energy?

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has produced a prototype of an artificial tree that generates electricity by harvesting renewable energy available anytime, anywhere. It can power up portable devices such as mobile phones, humidifiers and LED light bulbs.

The energy-harvesting tree can generate power from its surroundings - from the sun, wind, temperature and even from vibrations through its leaves-shaped organic solar panels, VTT said.

It uses biocomposite materials derived from wood for its tree trunks, which is made through 3D printing technology. 

The more solar panels added in the tree, the more energy it can harvest, the firm noted. It hopes that in the future, this invention can create a ‘forest’ of trees able to supply huge quantities of electricity. 

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