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Joshimath residents forced from their damaged homes think a new hydroelectric plant is partly to blame for devastating subsidence.
As the Swedish climate campaigner goes viral for a Twitter comeback, here's how she built the global Fridays for Future movement.
Asian nations are major for social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, but new laws on content restrict users' freedom.
With fewer internet shutdowns, Kashmiri women and entrepreneurs have launched online businesses and turned content creators.
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Digital activism has helped women find their voices but, as in the real world, they are still subject to harassment online.
Social Media Hub of ECI
The prospect of freeing India from the grip of big social media platforms is alluring, but an embrace of local start-ups comes with its own risks.
pop up cycle paths in Paris
Far from rendering cities obsolete, the pandemic has unlocked an ever-broader potential for renaissance – what the economist Joseph Schumpeter famously called 'creative destruction' on an urban scale.
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