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Algorithmic justice eludes India's Muslims, Dalits, trans and Indigenous people as AI entrenches bias.
Women working for Urban Company, Amazon protest platform practices and algorithms they say discriminate, deactivate accounts.
Climate change communication often excludes people who don't speak English, but things are now improving in India and Bangladesh.
Run for profit and without adequate resources, multiple wildlife rehabilitation centres run by community forest users’ groups in eastern Nepal are keeping animals in difficult conditions.
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The media today gives little space to anti-science views, but new narratives have emerged aimed at slowing the green transition.
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They say access to information on sustainability is easy, anyone seems to be able to claim to be an expert on climate issues, and it is challenging to build a specific niche. What keeps them going then?
Educating people about climate change in a country where many still consider the topic personally irrelevant is a huge challenge, but tailoring messages to people's worldviews and everyday experiences could help.
Dead fish killed by microplastic
More Indonesians are eating fish as part of their regular diet but microplastics do make it risky. There are ways to mitigate that risk.
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