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Fledgling shutterbug and biodiversity advocate Vinz Pascua has amassed a notable following documenting some of the Philippines' most vibrant and rare bird species.
Indigenous people from New Zealand to North America look to protect their data from being used without consent by AI.
A warming climate threatens to push Nepal’s three big cat species — tigers, leopards and snow leopards — into closer proximity to each other, with unknown consequences for the survival of each.
A mobile app in Southeast Asia aims to provide more job opportunities for LGBTQ+ people working in the gig economy.
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Educating people about climate change in a country where many still consider the topic personally irrelevant is a huge challenge, but tailoring messages to people's worldviews and everyday experiences could help.
Dead fish killed by microplastic
More Indonesians are eating fish as part of their regular diet but microplastics do make it risky. There are ways to mitigate that risk.
Digital activism has helped women find their voices but, as in the real world, they are still subject to harassment online.
Social Media Hub of ECI
The prospect of freeing India from the grip of big social media platforms is alluring, but an embrace of local start-ups comes with its own risks.
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