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EB Studio Corporates’ silence on sustainability hinders progress, as do splashy unrealistic vows. South Pole’s APAC leader Shruti Singh tells Eco-Business how businesses can thread the needle and communicate to build trust in a polarised environment.
Spencer Low, regional head of sustainability, Google
The former SATS chief sustainability officer joins a company that aims to achieve net-zero emissions across its full value chain by 2030.
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Business executives around the region are very wary of being called out for greenwashing, a survey by Kearney finds. Changing rules for how firms can communicate their sustainability credentials are fuelling angst.
Chevron's Wheatstone facility
With Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore introducing mandatory climate reporting rules, a stricter sustainability reporting regime is upon firms. What are key shifts to note as new rules kick in?
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Beyond investors, consumers should also be empowered to critically use sustainability reports to assess a company's sustainability credentials. Here are five steps they can take to start reading reports using GRI standards.
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