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A smallholder farmer on a plantation in Indonesia
The Malaysian bank is the first to set decarbonisation targets for the sector, aiming to cut portfolio emissions intensity by 16 per cent by 2030. However, its commitment does not directly include smallholders, who are not within its existing base of clients.
Makati city
EB Studio A private sector movement for carbon neutrality leading to net zero in the Philippines highlighted challenges and possibilities in the country's low carbon transition.
Singapore Marina Bay Finance Centre Towers
Funders in the region see weak sustainability ratings of prospective assets as an opportunity to overhaul their ESG practices and add market value, rather than a reason to exclude them.
The HK built environment/skyline
Exclusive Real estate firms are lobbying against a proposed change to the Science Based Targets initiative's accounting methodology for measuring Scope 2 electricity emissions, expected to be launched by the end of the year.
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