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thailand train
It is travel season again, but business-as-usual won’t cut it amid a climate emergency. This Earth Day, Eco-Business looks at ways tourists can lighten their environmental footprints and support local communities.
Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai
Latest data show that a full-year EV sales boom has helped to prop up China’s sluggish car market. Analysts believe that even without state subsidies, EV deliveries in China will continue to climb.
a passenger arriving in miami
As global travel resumes following vaccine rollouts, some companies are reassessing how much their staff really need to fly — and the answer is not nearly as much as they thought.
EU EVs and lithium mining
The EU wants electric cars to drive it to net zero, powered by batteries produced in the bloc, but at what cost to people living near new lithium mines?
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Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Blue Origin
The commercial space race is on with rich entrepreneurs taking to their rockets to reach for the stars. But the jaunts to space have courted plenty of criticism about space tourism and its carbon footprint.
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