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Lunch break at a sustainability event at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.
EB Studio Event organisers face growing pressure to reduce their environmental footprint, which mainly comes from air travel. But confusion over how to measure the climate cost of an event and who's responsible for reducing emissions is making it hard to keep a growing problem in check.
Cyclists on the road to Bali
Greenpeace activists cycling across Indonesia to Bali for the G20 Summit have been intercepted and intimidated on their journey to highlight the impacts of climate change.
Tomra president and CEO, Tove Andersen
EB Studio The head of the Norwegian company that pioneered reverse vending machines sees discarded plastic not as waste, but as an opportunity in resource revolution.
From Lisbon to Mexico City, some locals fear remote workers could exacerbate a housing crunch linked to the boom in short-term rentals.
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Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Blue Origin
The commercial space race is on with rich entrepreneurs taking to their rockets to reach for the stars. But the jaunts to space have courted plenty of criticism about space tourism and its carbon footprint.
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