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As India and Pakistan struggled to cope with soaring temperatures this month, experts warn lack of access to cooling tech like AC, fridges and fans will cost lives and livelihoods.
Call to halt sale of synthetic refrigerants
Newly identified long-term environmental and health risks have prompted calls to immediately stop synthetic refrigerants being phased in to tackle global heating, and replace them with natural refrigerants only.
Mobile health team giving vaccines to a rural community in Ethiopia
The big challenge in delivering the Covid-19 vaccine lies in the last leg of its journey, say cold chain experts.
Air-conditioning units on a building in Singapore
Demand for cooling systems is soaring in Asia, but the biggest manufacturers of energy-guzzling air-conditioners and refrigerators are failing to respond to climate concerns, a new report has found.
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As global temperatures rise and demand for air conditioning and refrigeration soars, all countries must adopt common-sense initiatives to make cooling more efficient, less emissions-intensive, and more affordable for consumers.
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Air-conditioning units on a building in Singapore
Improving energy efficiency could meet a quarter of Southeast Asia’s emissions reduction targets. Here is how efficiency could drive Southeast Asia's energy transition.
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