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Waste collector in Indonesia segregating trash
The world can save trillions of dollars and cut contamination by 80 per cent using existing technology, but the effort needs big policy moves, says a report released ahead of another round of talks for a legally-binding plastic treaty.
A waste picker at work in Vietnam
Without being formally recognised, Vietnam's vulnerable waste workers cannot organise themselves to demand better working conditions and receive lower prices for the trash they collect. They also face increasing competition.
Plastic bottles strewn on the street in Bangalore
A growing number of consumer goods firms are claiming to be "plastic neutral" in India. But not all are convinced these claims stand up to critical examination.
Doug Woodring, founder and managing director, Ocean Recovery Alliance
The bad press surrounding trash exports has hurt international trade in used plastics, says the non-profit founder. He warns treaty negotiators against focusing too heavily on bans and taxes, and not enough on ways to build a global circular economy for recycling.
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