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Experts say that poverty, societal attitudes and gender norms have made it harder for women in Pakistan to cope with the impacts of climate change, in this report on International Women’s Day.
Solar geoengineering wins broader research funding, despite fears that sci-fi climate fixes distract from emissions cuts.
Instant milk chillers are helping pastoralists in India's Thar Desert to keep their dairy fresh as temperatures rise.
Giving to Amplify Earth Action
Chief economists in Davos forecast a bleak year ahead, while a new philanthropic effort called Giving to Amplify Earth Action (GAEA) seeks to keep funding for nature and climate on the agenda.
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Global philanthropy is not putting its muscle behind addressing the dual climate and nature crises, but it holds the key to unlocking the pace and scale required for action on climate and nature in this decisive decade.
Giving bitcoin
The growth of cryptocurrencies has given rise to a new breed of billionaires, who have made their wealth through currencies like Bitcoin. GSK's Serufusa Sekidde explains why they should be investing in healthcare for the less privileged.
Philanthropy may not necessarily be feel-good money gone down the drain. It can be used as social investment and 'patient' capital by businesses that want to develop ‘shared value’ solutions. International social business advisor Tania Ellis explains how.
vanuatu cyclone pam aftermath
It’s time to get serious about compensation for ‘loss and damage’ from climate change, says global lead on issues of climate change and resilience for ActionAid international, Harjeet Singh.
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