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The novel mechanisms promise to mobilise more private financing for conservation, but risk distracting developing countries from addressing underlying debt issues and could ultimately be exploitative, say experts.
Desmond Lee Andie Ang Sankar
Key asks include looking into having two new nature parks, along with explicit safeguards for the airspace above and earth under protected areas – after an upcoming subway line was allowed to run under gazetted forests years ago.
Earthsight says Asian garment manufacturers supplying top fashion brands use cotton linked to land-grabbing in the Cerrado region.
Logging truck in Cambodia's Mondulkiri protected forest
Despite growing interest in nature and biodiversity, most investors have yet to incorporate deforestation into their financing policies and very few have done a detailed deforestation assessment across their portfolios, a new survey finds.
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Australia Bushfire 2019
We feel ecological grief when we lose places, species or ecosystems we value and love. These losses are a growing threat to mental health and wellbeing globally.
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