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The music event business faces cancellations and rising health risks as extreme weather events hit outdoor shows.
From electricity-producing dancefloors to giving the planet a cut of profits, the music industry is putting climate centre stage.
British rock band Coldplay's release of its arena tour sustainability report – it is one of few artistes to do so – brought it extra attention. Korean pop powerhouses are starting to align themselves with the climate movement. Observers say it is a good start, but claims need to be scrutinised.
K-pop for the planet: Fans of South Korean stars take up climate activism
Lovers of the mega-bands are launching online campaigns to raise funds and awareness in response to disasters and deforestation—and hope their idols will join them.
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Falls festival on 2015
Following a devastating week of extreme weather forcing the cancellation of Pitch, Australia's decimated live entertainment scene recalibrates.
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Jack Johnson and Jessica Cheam
Exclusive Jack Johnson says yes, but it is a long road ahead. In this exclusive interview, we ask the American singer-songwriter and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador about his hopes for the state of the world and how music plays a role in providing a dose of optimism in dark times.
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