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Hands together for teamwork
While gender was one of the first items addressed and remains a priority, experts say Asia has lingered on this issue for too long, neglecting other vital areas.
Natural disasters caused by climate change can adversely affect LGBTQ+ people already suffering from poverty and discrimination.
As millions of LGBTQ+ Indians prepare to vote, BJP and Congress manifestos ignore calls for same-sex marriage and trans job quotas.
As Indonesia grapples with the effects of climate change, trans women surviving as sex workers or buskers seek to adapt and inform.
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world cup football human rights
To make men's soccer a more inclusive space, organisers and players must put allyship above profits and winning.
Censuses that exclude the queer community alienate a large part of the population

Policy & Finance

Counting queers

Any population survey that does not include the LGBTQ+ community will not accurately represent its citizenry.
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Pink Dot 16 Media Launch - Letters to PM
LGBTQ people have long had to chart their own paths in the face of discrimination on bread and butter issues, like housing and employment. Pink Dot campaigners tell the Eco-Business Podcast their hopes amid a political leadership refresh.
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