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As Indonesia grapples with the effects of climate change, trans women surviving as sex workers or buskers seek to adapt and inform.
Women and members of the LGBTQ+ community say harassment remains widespread, enforcement on the ground is lacking, and the culture in many conservation organisations discourages speaking out.
As US lawmakers move to force TikTok's Chinese parent company to sell the app or face a ban, here is a look at other global curbs.
With drought and erratic rains depleting harvests, women farmers in Sri Lanka tell of beatings by husbands as incomes shrink.
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To make men's soccer a more inclusive space, organisers and players must put allyship above profits and winning.
Censuses that exclude the queer community alienate a large part of the population

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Counting queers

Any population survey that does not include the LGBTQ+ community will not accurately represent its citizenry.
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