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Only one in ten Malaysians are optimistic that humans can successfully limit climate change, a recent survey found. Scientists are the most trusted sources of climate information, journalists among the least.
Asian nations are major for social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, but new laws on content restrict users' freedom.
Much has been said this year about nature, climate and communities. Here’s our pick of the quotes that left an impression, for good or otherwise.
In a year when misinformation ran amok, “bad” news was vilified, and climate wins were few and far between, here are the stories that Eco-Business readers found most interesting.
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Well-told human-interest stories are key to moving readers and prompting climate action. How to write them in China?
Good journalism needs both mainstream media outlets and digital-only alternative media
Journalism has to stop sustained attacks on alternative media outlets.
Maria Ressa, investigative journalist
Authoritarian governments have weaponised online tools and platforms to control journalists and stifle freedom of expression.
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A trend of journalists being asked to share their stories before publication is a sign that newsmakers do not understand how journalism works, and think they can control the narrative. In reporting on sustainability issues, pre-publication review could lead to greenwashing.
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Action against greenwashing in Asia
Japan-based academic Kim Schumacher, who coined the term "competence greenwashing", believes that the pursuit of societal harmony might be standing in the way of Asia calling out greenwashing. He tells the Eco-Business Podcast how exaggerated ESG claims are likely to be tackled in 2023 and beyond.
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