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Riccardo Puliti
Puliti joins as the vice-president for Asia and the Pacific at the International Finance Corporation, at a time of multiple crises and a deteriorating global economic outlook.
Hit by floods and soaring prices, self-employed Pakistanis want government aid and action to fight climate change impacts.
Soaring living costs are triggering protests worldwide. After Sri Lanka, which countries might be next?
solar panels on the ground in china
Stimulus packages to kickstart pandemic-hit economies can either shape a low-carbon future or lock the world into a fossil fuel system. Which countries in Asia are leading the green transition?
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IMF_Kristalina Georgieva_G20
The International Monetary Fund's allocation of $650 billion in special drawing rights in August was welcomed, but its latest proposal for channeling finance to the most climate-vulnerable countries excludes the most needy, and is flawed.
climate march walk away from fossil fuels
The economics discipline has failed to understand the climate crisis – let alone provide effective policy solutions for it. Change is underway, but it cannot come fast enough.
joe biden earth day summit
The summit could stoke a collective sense that finally – after decades of negotiations – this is the pivotal year for climate.
child and parent wearing masks
Special drawing rights could give indebted countries the flexibility to take climate action that benefits everyone.
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