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Unemployment is voters' top election concern - especially among young Indians who are struggling to find skilled, permanent jobs.
In some villages, unaffordable tuition fees are driving secondary school students to leave in favour of the mines.
As climate change impacts hit farming, women driven into gruelling sugarcane work have the procedure to work harder, report says.
A UK jobs programme for Nepali nurses is fuelling concern about an exodus of medical staff lured by better pay in rich countries.
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We need more women in senior roles in finance to build inclusive institutions and allocate capital more rationally and fairly.
The booming gig economy in Malaysia leaves workers vulnerable with no benefits and susceptible to exploitation.
Recovery is being led by high-income countries, with low-income countries lagging far behind, worsening the global employment divide.
The precarious nature of informal employment, together with often hazardous working conditions, leaves informal workers particularly vulnerable to health risks.
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