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Future iterations of policy helping coal power plants with fixed costs could benefit from approaches that include energy storage, renewables paired with storage, and demand management.
At the COP28 summit, governments approved the new fund, set to be hosted by the World Bank, and announced contributions.
With some of the world's most climate-vulnerable people living in fragile countries, finding ways to get help there is crucial.
COP28 holds its first Health Day as concern grows about the effects of climate change - from disease outbreaks to air pollution.
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Respecting planetary boundaries can bring us back to a safe operating space where Earth’s life support systems are not at risk.
Rich countries must step up with more investment in climate action to achieve a safe and prosperous future for all.
Those suffering the worst from climate change need a say in how a new fund to help them is run – and direct access to its resources.
Concerns grow that the summit, hosted by a fossil fuel nation, may fall short for the communities worst-hit by climate devastation.
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