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Asean Japan
Reliable bank transfers and artificial intelligence can help uplift the lives of workers in Southeast Asia, but stronger governance of how emerging technology is being used is needed, said panellists at a Japan-Asean forum held in Tokyo.
Ant Group_Charles Cao_CGS China-Asean Business Leaders Summit
Ant’s group VP and treasurer says the $6.5 billion deal allows the fintech company to raise capital at a cheaper cost to meet green goals. There are, however, concerns about the lack of transparency behind sustainability-linked structures.
Brazilian prosecutors have told a firm selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to cease sales and respect indigenous rights.
In the absence of banks, rural credit schemes are helping women access formal financing—reducing their reliance on loan sharks.
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The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has left the climate tech community reeling. We need more investment in climate innovation, so how do we fill the gap SVB has left?
green infrastructure
Mobilising excess savings in advanced economies for much-needed investment in green infrastructure in emerging-market and developing economies will not be easy. But it is possible, if both the public and private sectors do their parts.
Vietnam wind turbine towers
Releasing the Asean Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance was a significant move for the regional grouping. But it does not come without challenges.
bitcoin image
With the growing urgency for climate solutions, blockchain technology could be a powerful tool to revolutionise green finance, especially as transparency and traceable information are critical in measuring and monitoring climate impact.
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