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Forward SG Lawrence Wong
This year's budget, which includes a S$5 billion energy fund and investment sweeteners for sustainability initiatives, is seen as one that will signal the future priorities for the city-state's new generation of leaders.
Algorithmic justice eludes India's Muslims, Dalits, trans and Indigenous people as AI entrenches bias.
Vikas Arora, chief of impact investing, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network
Arora joins from Japanese bank MUFG with a brief to drive the organisation's impact investing strategy.
Crytocurrency Mining
Cryptocurrency mining consumes more power than the entire country of Kazakhstan. What is being done to curb crypto's monster climate impact?
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The pandemic has supercharged fintech innovation, but without thoughtful implementation we risk reinforcing old biases and inequalities and failing to serve women’s needs.
The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has left the climate tech community reeling. We need more investment in climate innovation, so how do we fill the gap SVB has left?
green infrastructure
Mobilising excess savings in advanced economies for much-needed investment in green infrastructure in emerging-market and developing economies will not be easy. But it is possible, if both the public and private sectors do their parts.
Vietnam wind turbine towers
Releasing the Asean Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance was a significant move for the regional grouping. But it does not come without challenges.
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