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The world is set to take a financial hit as it transitions away from polluting fossil fuels in a bid to limit global warming. Poorer and oil-dependent countries in particular are likely to feel the pinch.
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Women who make goods like clothing and street food in slum homes are producing less amid baking temperatures and floods, hurting their fragile livelihoods, a survey finds.
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Heavy rains and long droughts are robbing bees of food and killing the insects, drying up Nepal's supply of the sticky stuff.
An iceberg floats near the Wahlenberg Glacier
From making green shifts fairer for workers to slashing fossil fuel subsidies, action on climate change needs to ramp up in 2022, analysts say.
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The devastating effects of climate change are bearing down on cities. For adaptation and decarbonisation to work, municipal leaders need to devote resources to the collection of better climate data and use them in the right way.
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