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Loss and damage finance with greater community leadership can bring better and fairer outcomes, experts say.
Action continues to fall far short of pledges, even as temperature and greenhouse gas records are repeatedly broken.
Sustainable farming practices will only take off if they better protect incomes already hit by losses from climate change impacts, experts say.
Greener methods attract new recruits as agriculture is hit by a harsher climate, but many farmers still prefer chemical fertilisers.
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Respecting planetary boundaries can bring us back to a safe operating space where Earth’s life support systems are not at risk.
Rich countries must step up with more investment in climate action to achieve a safe and prosperous future for all.
COP28 will take stock of the step change in ambition needed, but the gulf in climate finance promises and realities presents an obstacle to a stronger action.
Despite the challenges of addressing climate change, technology and innovation are accelerating the net-zero transition.
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Cantilan Bank aftermath of Rai_EB podcast logo
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas assistant governor tells the Eco-Business Podcast about the regulator’s maiden sustainability report that features an empirical study of climate impacts on banks as well as the nation’s first taxonomy.
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