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The plant, backed by Singapore's water agency PUB and US-based startup Equatic, aims to remove 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the ocean each day.
CREIT solar plant
The Philippines' first real estate investment trust, or REIT, focused on clean energy made its debut on the country's stock market last year. China now has its eye on the financing channel too. Does this new mechanism come with drawbacks?
brooke's point palawan2
A most recent case involves the Supreme Court issuing the nature writ to stop mining firms from operating in Palawan. Eco-Business looks into this unique mechanism under Philippine environmental law that gives the people constitutional right to a healthy environment.
Bornean orangutans habitat loss
Market participants have welcomed the draft Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) framework, set to become the baseline standard for nature-related risk reporting. But NGOs are sceptical of whether it will address the role of large companies in driving biodiversity loss.
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pink sky emissions
The overall trend of rising emissions has not been reversed over the last decade meaning there is less time to reach the Paris goal. What urgent steps need to be taken?
coronavirus milan
The climate crisis is similar to the coronavirus outbreak which has disrupted lives and entire economies. But why has the reaction been different?
cultured meat lab
Lab-grown meat, otherwise known as clean meat, has been known to consume less energy and water, and emit significantly less greenhouse gases than regular meat. However, new research suggests that its environmental impact in the long run could be higher than that of livestock.
air conditioning units in a building
Of all the emissions reductions possible through 2030, buildings are by far the cheapest. Research from the World Resources Institute reveals that zero carbon building policies are already feasible in multiple markets and climates.
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EB NVPC Corporate Purpose Video
EB Studio Amid fresh debates about what corporate purpose should be, there is mounting evidence that corporate purpose leads to stronger brand reputation, better talent attraction and more resilience, leading to improved financial performance.
A view of Orchard Road, Singapore
EB Studio About four out of every five people impacted by sea-level rise by 2050 will live in East or Southeast Asia, creating an urgent need climate-smart solutions for cities. This year’s Innovate4Climate summit will look at the climate-smart solutions the region needs.
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