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Delegates to the International Seabed Authority, the UN-mandated body responsible for overseeing the development of deep-sea mining in international waters and protecting the ocean, are currently meeting in Kingston, Jamaica.
A stranded Cuvier's beaked whale.
Noise from a single mine could travel 500km, new research finds. Noise pollution could ruin habitats for bottom-dwelling creatures that use sound to feed and communicate. Scientists are calling for further scrutiny of mining regulations.
Potato-sized polymetallic nodules
The city-state has voiced support for deep-sea mining done according to 'robust rules, regulations and procedures'. Environmentalists say the stance is at odds with its recent pledges to protect marine life.
The dumbo octopus
Fiji, Palau, and Samoa are the first countries to oppose deep-sea mining in international waters. Commercial-scale extraction of the seabed could go ahead as soon as next July, once regulations are finalised, a prospect that alarms environmentalists.
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Mineral concretion on the seafloor can contain valuable metals.
Seabed mining can affect fisheries and the flow-on social equity issues need to be addressed.
Coltan mine, Congo
When forced labour practices are part of supply chains, it is reasonable to ascertain that environmental degradation may be present too.
sea cucumber NOAA
A new risk to marine ecosystems is looming on the horizon: Commercial deep-seabed mining for minerals, which will potentially affect the largely untouched deep sea at depths of 2,000 to 4,000 meters.
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Dr Sylvia Earle
Exclusive In this exclusive interview to mark Earth Day, Eco-Business speaks to Dr Sylvia Earle, oceanographer and founder of Mission Blue, who draws the link between our climate crisis and the health of our oceans.
Deep sea mining
EB Studio There are vast mineral riches lying on the ocean floor that could help to power the energy transition, but is the environmental cost of extracting them worth the risk?
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Dr Sylvia Earle podcast
Exclusive Oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle speaks to Eco-Business in this exclusive podcast about the irreversible damage deep sea mining will cause, the link between the oceans and our global climate, and the role that we can all play in 'being at peace' with nature.
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Eco-Business & Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific of the KAS

Eco-Business & Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific of the KAS

Ocean of Solutions: Protecting biodiversity in the blue economy

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